Notifications - Online Catechism Classes

Training Programme Notification – Extraordinary Ministers 26.09.2021:

1. Dear Fathers training for the newly selected extraordinary ministers will be held on 26.09.2021, Sunday from 08.30 am to 02 pm at Pastoral Institute, Shanthi Kiran Hall 1 Bajjodi.
2. Please register the names before 25.09.2021 Friday by 12 noon. The registration is very much essential because we need to make arrangements for Tea/Food etc.
3. Registration Fee: Rs 200 per head to be paid by the Parish.
4. The candidates must be selected by the PARISH PRIEST. Please do not ask volunteers to come forward, such applications will be rejected.
5. Eligibility: 40 years of Age – for admission for the ministry, Retirement: 65, Faculty Renewal: Once in 3 years
6. Covid 19 protocols will be followed
7. Sunday Mass will be included in the programme.

Thank you
Fr Vijay Machado
Secretary, Commission for Liturgy