Catechism Teachers Training Gulbarga Diocese

Catechism Teachers Training was held at Gulbarga/Bijapur Zone and Bidar Zone from 24 to 26 June 2017. Fr Vijay Machado was the resource person who conducted the session on Preparation of Catechism Lessons, classes and an art of conducting the catechism class in a mission context. The catechetical secretary Fr Wilbert Lobo, Vicar General Fr Stany Lobo, Fr Thomas, Fr Praveen and Fr David were present for the programme. There wrere altogether 50 catechism teachers participated in the programme.

Newly Selected Extra ordinary Minister's Training : 18-6-2017

A Training for the Newly Selected Extra-oridnary minister's of the Diocese of Mangalore was held on 18th June 2017, Sunday, from 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. at Mangala Jyothi, Bajjodi. Fr. Ronald Serrao spoke on Theology of the Holy Eucharist and Participation in the Mass. Fr. Vijay Machado spoke on the following subjects: 1. History of the Extra-ordinary Ministry in the Church, 2. Spirituality of the Extra-ordinary Minsters, 3. General Guidelines Governing Extra-ordinary Ministry in the Diocese of Mangalore. The participants were awarded with the certificates. There were total 135 participants from different parishes and religious congregations. The programme concluded by mass followed by lunch.

New Catechism Teachers Training 04.June.2017

Newly selected Catechism Teachers' training programme was organised at Mangala Jyothi on 04.June 2017, Sunday from 9am to 3.30pm. Fr Vijay Machado, Director of DBCLC, Fr Boniface Pinto, Professor, Seminary and Mrs John Montero, Member, Diocesan Catechetical Commission were the resource persons. The following aspects were dealt during training: Mission of a Catechism Teacher, Methodology of teaching Catechism, Art of teaching Catechism, Media and Catechesis, Preparing lesson plan...etc. There were 63 participants. They were awarded with a certificate.