Links for the Sunday Catechism Video Classes - Diocese of Mangalore

*Mangala Jyothi* *Diocese of Mangalore* *Links for the Sunday Catechism Video Classes* *11.07.2021* Sunday Catechetism 2021 Std 1 Std 2 3rd Std 4th Std 5th Std 6th Std 7th Std 8th Std 9th Std 10th Std *Technical Instructions* 1. These videos will be made public on 11.07.2021 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. 2. To ensure the effectiveness of the video classes and quality of the video, do not stream these video classes over ZOOM, Google Meet or any other application. Ask individual child to watch it directly from *Mangalore Diocese YouTube Channel*. 3. If the teacher shares these YouTube Videos through SHARE SCREEN during his/her virtual classes (if organised at the parish level), there could be a loss of network connection which could cause great interruption to all the students. Kindly avoid these inconveniences. 4. With due respect to the *Mangalore Diocese YouTube Channel and the Production Team*, kindly ask every child to *SUBSCRIBE* the channel. Regrads, *Production Team @Mangala Jyothi and Canara Communication Centre*

Welcome to Rev Dr Vincent Sequeira

Hearty Welcome to Rev Dr Vincent Sequeira, Incharge for Biblical Ministry and Asst Director, Mangala Jyothi.